Powerful Tools provided exclusively to our Affiliates

Odds Banner examples

Odds Banner

Gambling Affiliation provides Affiliates with an Odds Banner Widget editor. An Odds Banner is an automatic-generated banner of a pre-defined size which displays the odds for a pre-selected number of bookmakers and for a given competition.
Bonus Widget

Bonus Widget

Gambling Affiliation puts at the disposal of its Affiliates a Bonus Widget allowing in a few clicks to generate a table listing the bookmakers and the current bonus offer. The Affiliate can select the bookmakers to display in this table and their order of appearance in the ranking.
Multi Banner

Multi Banner

The Multi Banner Widget allow to display, for a given dimension, a number of banners of your choice by setting for each of them the percentage of display. The Multi Banner is geotargeted which allows you to display banners linked to the country of your visitor.
Odds Comparator examples

Odds Comparison

Gambling Affiliation gives to all its Affiliates for free an Odds Comparison Widget comparing the bookmaker odds for all the main sport competitions. You can select the bookmakers for which you want to display the odds for a given competition and games. This tool is fully customisable.

Affiliate API

Gambling Affiliation provides Affiliates with an API allowing them to retrieve the main data related to conversions from their Affiliate account. Our Affiliate API is fully secured and customisable, a documentation can be downloaded directly from your Affiliate account.

Customised Dynamic Variable

Gambling Affiliation offers, for a selection of campaigns, a customised parameter in the tracking link, allowing our Affiliates to pass any value they want in it. Those values are then connected to the conversions. This functionnality is really appreciated by Media Buyers.

VIP Room Program

Gambling Affiliation rewards its Affiliates with gifts thanks to our VIP Room Program. The more commission Affiliates generate with us, the more VIP points they collect in their account. Our Affiliates can ultimatly redeem those points against various items in our VIP room.

Referral Rewards Program

Our Affiliates can refer other Affiliates to join Gambling Affiliation and get 5% of their earning as extra commission. Our Referral Rewards Program is available through our Campaign portfolio where "Referral" campaigns can be found with related tracking links.