Why choose Gambling Affiliation?

Gambling Affiliation, the largest and oldest affiliate network in the iGaming business in Europe

recruitment line

recruitment line

The first network of affiliates in the iGaming industry

60.000 affiliate websites available, ensuring great exposure and acquisition.

Thousands of depositing players recruited every month for our brands.

Traffic generated from all European countries enabling the recruitment of new players from anywhere in Europe.

A team with over 15 years of experience and knowledge

Being part of the industry for over 15 years, our team has acquired a good knowledge and a substantial experience in the iGaming affiliate business.

Gambling Affiliation is based in Malta, the main hub for the iGaming Industry in Europe.

• On a daily basis our team will provide you with suggestion, advice and follow up to optimise your strategy of acquisition.

Emphasis on quality traffic, compliant use of marketing materials and affiliate KYC process

• We know our affiliates. All of our approved affiliates go through a thorough compliance and KYC checks.

• Compliant use of marketing materials. Appproved affiliates use only prechecked marketing materials in their campaigns. Fully alligned with brand guidelines and respecting market restrictions. 

Traffic quality is at the heart of Gambling Affiliation. Our dedicated team of account managers constantly monitor campaign traffic quality and acquisition KPI's.


An easy and quick way to set up your campaigns

Target your markets and the products you wish to promote geographically

• Define the type of deals and the commissions you want to offer to our affiliates network.

• Going live take only few days once the technical set up of the campaigns on our platform is done.


  45.000 affiliates

The largest network in the industry


  75 Brands

Over 250 active campaigns


  15 years experience

Substantial knowledge and an

experienced team