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Presentation of Oulala

Oulala is a daily fantasy football game powered by the big data revolution. Players can select their squad from any teams playing in the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga and Ligue 1, providing a unique European dynamic to a game that is normally purely domestic. It means that players can potentially select Ronaldo, Rooney and Pogba in the same squad.

Oulala enables players to join existing leagues, create public or private leagues of their own, or play head to head against a friend. These leagues can be either free or for money and the winner of a paid league wins a cash prize.

Oulala has live features that enable players to follow the progress of their squad in real time. Match and performance data is collected by Opta and then passed through Oulala’s proprietary algorithm to provide a very realistic scoring system of how a footballer’s performance influences a match. This means that football knowledge is a vital component for a player’s success, making Oulala a leader in the new generation of sports based skill games.

Gambling Affiliation is pleased to be able to offer Oulala to affiliates with international clientele, however, the current regulatory systems prohibit players from the United States and France. 



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