Cookies Policy - Gambling Affiliation

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small data files which are downloaded onto your device (computer, tablet, smartphone etc.) when you access a website. The information contained in these files is then sent back to our server each time your browser requests a page from the server.

The next time you visit the same website, cookies ensure that your device is recognized. By using cookies and similar technologies, this website can save information about visits and visitors.

We place some of the cookies by ourselves, while other cookies are placed by third parties. Third parties cookies may collect data outside our website as well, and their usage are subject to those third parties policies only.

Cookies can be utilized to make visiting a website more efficient and personal, by, for example, remembering visitors preferences and improving the overall user experience by

  • adapting the site presentation to your device screen size and language,
  • or by preselecting forms entries,

to name a few.

Gambling-Affiliation's use of cookies:

By clicking 'I agree' when the cookie notice is shown, or by continuing to use our website, you give consent for cookies to be placed on your device and read out on our domain and sub-domains for any purposes listed below.

Also you give consent to third parties to place their cookies on your device, for the purposes described in their own cookies policy. Gambling Affiliation uses third party cookies with the following services / companies: Youtube, Google Analytic, reCaptcha, Google font, cdnjs, Bootstrap cdn.maxcdn and Codejquery

Gambling-Affiliation uses different types of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are required for the access and browsing of pages and proper working of authenticated-only user services such as the ones accessible in your user account once you are logged in (for instance: dashboard access, campaign applications, etc., features depending on your user profile).

Essentially you can't use our affiliation platform services without them.

Functionality Cookies

These cookies allow us to remember choices you have made in relation to the site so as to provide a more personalized experience and enhanced user experience by delivering optimized content (like content translation, look-and-fill and other user preferences).

Analytical and Performance Cookies

We may use analytics service providers for website traffic analysis and reporting. Analytics service providers generate and store statistics and other information about the use of the site by using their cookies.

These services help us to improve the way our site works.


List of cookies used when using our services:

When browsing as an unauthenicated user:

- 2 cookies which are needed in order for the visitor to be able to browse the site properly, "php-session" and "ga-session". The "ga-session" contain the following information: Session, IP, User agent, last activity, current lang (coming from the url, not the browser)

- 1 cookie which is related to the language selected by the user in order to keep this preference while browsing on the site

When browsing our site as an authenticated user:

- The 3 cookies presented above are still used

- A cookie related to the session of the user is generated and contain the following information: User id, language (the preferred language), Role (the type of user), name (user), username (user)

Cookie used for our tracking technology:

In order to track properly the information related to our campaigns, we use, for some of them, a cookie storing the following information: Campaign id, Banner id, Site id and the IP. This cookie expires after 30 days. This cookie is generated when a visitor clicks on a banner or a text link related to our campaigns.


How to modify your cookie settings?

You can always control and change the way a website stores cookies on your device by fine-tuning your browser settings on a per-website and per-device basis. Please review your browser guide/support to find out how to manage these settings.

Note that you may no longer be able to use some or all of our services if you refuse the placement of our strictly necessary cookies.