Presentation of the Geotargeted Multi Banners

Gambling Affiliation provides to its affiliates a geotargeted Multi Banners.

recruitment line

recruitment line

The Multi Banners allows our affiliates to display, for a given dimension, a number of banners of your choice by setting for each of them the percentage of display.

The "Multi Banner" is by default geotargeted which allows you to display banners linked to the country of your visitor.

Example: If you have trafic coming from UK and Germany, you can create a multi-banner with UK and german campaigns. The multi banner will then display only banners from UK campaigns to your UK visitors and only banners from german campaigns to your german visitors. This allows you to target perfectly your audience. You can build your multi-banner using as many countries as you would like.  Please note that if the multi banner is loaded from another country, it then works normally without any filtering.